Official BIT.TRIP Beat soundtrack ready for download

Ladies and Gents, I have a very special announcement to make for fans of the BIT.TRIP series. You see, while the games are oodles of fun, there’s a special element of the whole series that just makes it sparkle. I’m talking of course, about the music of the series. Take a look at how things come together musically, and you practically can guarantee that something special will come from these guys.

So what’s the big news? Well, how about an announcement of the Official Soundtrack for the original BIT.TRIP Beat? This is a full ten track album, running music from within the game, Bit Shifter songs, and stuff from the cutscenes. For people who have had any experience with Beat, well, you know the truth of the situation — it’s damn catchy. Fans of chiptunes should get a real kick out of this music. It will be ready for purchase off Amazon and iTunes on October 27, but eager beavers can actually get the full album from CDBaby as of right now. You wouldn’t be an eager beaver, now would you?

Even better, you know that amazing contest we have running this week for all sorts of neat BIT.TRIP goodies, like a hella fine t-shirt, some amazing papercraft and stunning high quality prints? Well, the winner of said contest is also going to receive a download code for the full album, so put that in your pipe.

As a special treat, Gaijin has also sent along a link to a track, that while absent from the OST, it brings along the flavor of the game. Check it out!

Ben Perlee