Of course Battleborn has tons of Season Pass content

Five packs await your wallet

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If you put money on it, you probably didn’t make much as the odds were in your favor. 2K Games has announced a Season Pass for Battleborn, because of course it has.

Thankfully it’s $19.99 (and not $50, like WB and a few others are charging these days), and comes with what seems to be throwaway content. Delivered by way of five packs ($4.99 piecemeal), they’ll come with one new story operation each, as well as new skins and taunts. Gearbox touts that said operations can be played “solo or by way of co-op.” You can also pick up the deluxe edition with the pass for $74.99. Beyond that, five heroes will be added to the game for free.

It’s not the greediest Season Pass in the world, but as always, you’ll probably want to wait and see what each pack actually entails before you buy it.

The Vision for Battleborn Post-Launch Content [Battleborn]

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