Ode to Wetrix

Sonnet #2

To start the land is purely plain and flat
But earthy blocks then fall down from the sky
Take care in where they are placed on the mat
Make sure you never build it up too high

Construct containers for the coming storm
But too much land can cause the earth to shake
The levees crumble, break, and lose their form
And liquid spills from what was once a lake

Not all is grim in this uncanny land
The architects with great skill and some luck
Can craft a lake with wit and agile hand
So deep it summons bobbing rubber duck

These unconventional weather metrics
Only exist in the world of Wetrix

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Darren Nakamura
Darren is a scientist during the day. He has been a Destructoid community member since 2006, joining the front page as a contributor in 2011. While he enjoys shooters, RPGs, platformers, strategy, and rhythm games, he takes particular interest in independent games. He produced the Zero Cool Podcast for about four years, and he plays board games quite a bit when he can find willing companions.
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