Oddworld invades PSN this Thursday!

What? YES! The gorgeous Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysey and Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus are finally coming to the PlayStation Store’s PSOne Classics section where they belong, and they’re hitting the PSN this Thursday! Series creator Lorne Lanning spread the word himself on the PlayStation Blog, revealing a little background info about the games as he did.

“Gaming seemed such a blank slate of possibilities back then,” recalls Lorne. “It was an early super-cool medium with which we could start telling stories of our own. We wanted characters living through stories that might inspire people while still enabling them many hours of challenge and entertainment. We wanted to integrate the best of our previous trade from the visual effects field to delve deeper into the storytelling potential with this exciting, rapidly evolving interactive medium.

“We started with Abe, the little chump trapped by the dark side of globalization who would need to find his way (and his soul) through a vast landscape of relentless hazards. He was to be the lovable hero trying to survive heavily armed idiots and hungry critters of the carnivorous kind.

“He was designed to cause as many laughs as he would accomplishments, and we wanted him to be remembered.”

I have not forgotten him, and nor have a great deal many other gamers. The games will be available for $9.99, which I find a bit cheeky, but these games were so amazing and beautiful that I’m willing to overlook the hype-tax just this once. How about you? Anybody planning to pick up these lovelies? Let us know.

Jim Sterling