Oculus VR short ‘Henry’ wins an Emmy

It’s good!

One of the first things I did when I plugged my Oculus Rift in was watch Henry. It was a bit weird because I had to watch it alone, then have my wife watch it after to share the experience together (something VR will have to address in family households eventually), but damn was it good.

It tells the muted story of a hedgehog that just wants a friend, narrated by the calming Elijah Wood. And apparently a lot of other people thought it was good too, as it won an Emmy this week in the Interaction Program category (the Primetime Emmy awards take place on September 18, but some categories are settled on early).

It might seem like a specific category to take home an Emmy in, but it’s significant in that it’s the first ever original VR film to win in the space. It’s well deserved, and the same studio is still going forward with other projects, including Dear Angelica.

Oculus Film Short “Henry” [Oculus Blog]

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