Oculus Rift up for pre-order right now, costs $599.99, out in March

Do you want it?

[Update: All initial “day one” stock has been claimed, apparently selling out in 14 minutes. Further units for sale are now pushed back to May 2016.]

This week, Oculus had a few announcements up its sleeve, including the fact that dev kit backers are getting a free finalized Rift, and that platformer Lucky’s Tale will come packaged free along with EVE: Valkyrie. Now, the foreplay is over, and Rift pre-orders are finally live (barring technical difficulties of course). First wave pre-orders will lock in a “spot” to potentially get the Touch controllers. They have confirmed that the Rift will be selling at a loss to entice people into the platform, which is a common practice.

As for the price, they’re going for $599.99 with an expected ship date of March 2016. May God have mercy on your wallet.

Oh, and since Nvidia recently confirmed that VR games can require up to “seven times” the power of normal PC games, you might need to upgrade your rig as well.

Rift [Oculus]

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