Oculus Rift pre-orders come bundled with one of the best VR games

Free EVE: Valkyrie plus hint at release

If you want to sell VR, you need the ardent early adopters to show it off and the people they show it off to to be impressed. To that end, it helps to have some dang good software support, so it makes sense that EVE: Valkyrie will be included in all Oculus Rift VR pre-orders.

The EVE: Valkyrie Bundle is “exclusive to Rift,” which I suppose means other VR headset owners will be buying it separately. It’s also, “premiering on the Oculus platform,” which means that tentative Q1 release date could be before the Vive’s April 2016 launch. Or CCP is holding EVE: Valkyrie until the Rift, which will be “at least $300.” PlayStation VR is also slated for the first half of 2016 and EVE: Valkyrie was playable on it at PlayStation Experience.

I recently played EVE: Valkyrie with a “near-final” version of the Oculus Rift VR and the space dog-fighting game is pretty neat and didn’t make me ill in an hour of play. It did make me sweaty and pinch the bridge of my enormous god damn nose, though.

Steven Hansen