Oculus drops base unit price, announces new Oculus Go standalone headset

Go is $200

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Oculus just had its “Oculus Connect” event, and there were a few rather big announcements out of it that people who are on the fence about VR will dig.

First off, the base unit Oculus headset is now $399, a price that includes the (once) very expensive (and amazing) Touch controllers. But they also gave people an option if you don’t want to be tethered to your PC (or you don’t have one) — the Oculus Go. It’s a new self-sustaining system (read: no PC required) priced at $199, which will provide a single remote for gaming and will run a limited amount of Oculus apps. That’s all the info we’re getting for the Go outside of the basic stuff displayed on this splash page

In other Oculus news, users are getting their own customized Home space, the Oculus Dash will re-invent the UI in December, and “Project Santa Cruz” is still underway, which will provide a wireless standalone headset solution that’s more powerful than the Go and uses the Touch remotes. It promises to be a “first” in the VR industry, but it remains to be seen if they’ll be beaten to market before it actually arrives.

Future-tech excluded though these are pretty good moves, as less money to jump into VR is a good thing.

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