October’s Games with Gold break out a little earlier than usual

Quadruple play

Breaking out. It’s a phrase with a couple of meanings that are relevant to next month’s free games on Xbox One. Someone who’s confined to a place might look to break out. Or, an athlete who suddenly performs above their regular skill level is also said to be breaking out.

Baseball and prison are the two breakout themes for October’s Games with Gold. The Xbox One gets one of the better sports titles in recent memory in Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings on October 1. Jail escape simulator The Escapists is available beginning on October 16.

Themes are a little trickier to pin down on Xbox 360. Off-road racer MX vs. ATV Reflex fills out October’s first half. Ubisoft’s survival adventure I Am Alive rounds out the month. As always, the Xbox 360 games will be available on Xbox One via backward compatibility.

Xbox Live Games With Gold for October 2016 [Major Nelson]

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