October saw PSN’s biggest week ever

The launch of the PSPgo and the massive content rollout for the PlayStation Network seems to have been making a pleasant amount of money for platform holder Sony. SCEA’s Eric Lempel has revealed to Joystiq that the PSPgo launch week was the biggest ever week on PSN. Not surprising, when you consider it had 16,000 bits of DLC spewed onto it.

“It’s been tremendously busy on the storefront. We’ve seen, basically, our largest number of downloads ever for a week’s time period,” confirms Lempel. “It was our second highest week of revenue in the history of PlayStation Network, so we’re seeing a huge lift of PSone classics just because we put out a ton of new ones last week. So overall, all of it is really exciting.”

One of the things Sony did right with the PSPgo launch was the huge PSN boost, and I’m glad that paid off. More PS One Classics shall always be welcome, and I really hope that PSN exclusive games start doing better business as a result of Sony’s digital focus. I want to see far more downloadable PSP games, and I want to see them actually sell.

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