Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds will be $60, and it’s getting a physical release

You’re gonna be a star, kid

Obsidian Entertainment’s next game, The Outer Worlds, is a mostly unknown quantity right now. It’s this big interplanetary RPG with a stellar premise. But, it’s supposedly going to launch sometime in 2019, and we still don’t have all that many details as to what it’s about.

A couple of things have just been recently clarified, though. According to Game Informer, The Outer Worlds will be priced at $60. Obsidian and publisher Private Division evidently don’t regard it as some sort of budget game (which is reassuring in its own way). Also, it’s getting a physical disc release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. [Correction: PC will be digital only; consoles are the only platforms receiving physical discs.]

More information is likely just around the corner. The Outer Worlds is Game Informer’s cover story for March, meaning we’ll soon have a better idea about this game beyond the nebulous “It’s Fallout in space” that a lot of us have been working with. We’ll take all the details we can about what’s shaping up to be one of this year’s most promising games.

The Outer Worlds Coming to Physical Media, Sets Price [Game Informer]

Brett Makedonski
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