Obsessed with Braid? Papercraft your favorite characters into reality

Braid is currently going through its own personal level of Portal-like popularity at the moment, thanks in part to the rave reviews it’s drawn from gamers. While there’s no catchy theme song you can record yourself singing and subsequently post on YouTube (thank God), the game will likely stick with people who play it for some time after they complete it.

If you find yourself obsessing over the game, you may be able to ease the pain with these papercraft models of Tim, the game’s main character, and the angry faced little creature that you see in many of the levels. These are free to download from Cubeecraft.com and very easy to make. Not only can you also grab Mr. Destructoid there, you can also craft the Boom Blox chicken, Kirby, Master Chief and more. It’s the best free fun you can get without contracting an STD!

[Thanks, Adam]

Colette Bennett