Observer: System Redux adds new story elements for next-gen

Bloober Team is also promising ‘expanded gameplay’

Bloober Team isn’t done exploring the messed-up world of Observer. Today, the horror-loving studio announced Observer: System Redux – a remaster of its 2017 cyberpunk adventure with “expanded gameplay and brand-new story content.” The new version is coming to “next-generation consoles.”

Here’s the bleak reveal trailer to get us started.

The game stars the late great Rutger Hauer in a dystopian, nanophage-afflicted Poland.

You play as a “neural police” detective capable of hacking citizens’ brain implants to gather evidence in surreal, dreamlike worlds. The 2084 setting and psychological-horror hook are high points, for sure. Mechanically, you’ll spend a lot of time walking around and combing the scenery for collectibles.

Observer: System Redux will be out by holiday 2020, presumably on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. I can see curious players picking this up once they burn through their next-gen launch games.

It’s unclear if System Redux will be available on PC, and if so, how it’ll be delivered. Will people be able to upgrade? Will there be any sort of loyalty discount? We don’t know yet, but the new content is a wrinkle.

“Keep an eye out for more details on the enhancements in the coming weeks and months leading up to the premiere of next-generation consoles,” Bloober Team said in a press release.

Something tells me we’ll start seeing a lot more enhanced-for-next-gen announcements soon.

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