Obnoxious PSP ad inspires Lame Castle mobile game

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If you’re not aware of Marcus, then you’re lucky. He’s the PSP’s version of Kevin Butler, except unfunny, thoroughly obnoxious, and exists only to let you know what Sony thinks of the PSP’s audience. In one particularly grating commercial, Marcus mocked mobile phone games, despite the fact that mobile gaming is already outclassing the PSP.

That mockery has been turned into potential profit by one developer, who has developed a game based upon one of Marcus’ comments. Lame Castle is that game, named after a term coined by the PSP’s despicable spokesboy. Bradley Johnson — formerly of Crystal Dynamics — took Marcus’ mockery of mobile gaming as a challenge, and snapped up the Lame Castle domain name.

Lame Castle is now available on Android, with an iPhone version coming in the future. Meanwhile, the PSP still struggles to make downloadable titles work and charges too much for them, demonstrating why Marcuses in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. 

Crystal Dynamics Veteran Actualizes Sony Ad Parody Lame Castle [Gamasutra via Joystiq]

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