Obama, poo, dollar afros, and more in this new DS game

It’s been almost a month since TGS, and I’m still not over my break up with Japan. It’s games like Do-Konjou Shougakussei Bon Bita that make me miss the place. The upcoming DS action/comedy release stars a little naked kid with a green afro who turns disturbingly “realistic” before vomiting water and farting fireballs. With shows like Adventure Time and games like Super Meat Boy, the West has really been catching up to Japan when it comes to cartoon surrealism, but it’s games like this that prove that Japan is still the weirdest one there is. 

To top it all of, in a stroke of unabashed bipartisanship, the game includes President Barack Obama as a major character. My Japanese is shaky at best, but from what I think I can read, that says “OhBaMa PuReZu DeNTo” under that vaguely insulting, slightly adorable African American stereotype above. Yeah, there’s no question. I have to own this game.

I guess I’ll import it, as there is little chance they’ll try to get away with this stuff here in the states. Even if they did, they’d probably change Obama’s name to Balrog, and/or pull and Jynx/Oil Man/Panthro and make his skin purple. Actually, Purple Obama would be pretty amazing.

Do-Konjou Shougakussei Bon Bita – more screens [GoNintendo, via 4Gamer]

Jonathan Holmes
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