O.G. vocalist gives Pokemon theme a Ron Paul remix

This is one of those stories that insults every other potential videogame news story in existence by finding it’s way into forefront of my mind despite its relative lack of importance. There are at least ten other news items I’d love to be writing about at the moment, but I just have to write about this thing first. I can’t help it. 

That’s partially due to the time sensitive nature of this story. Ron Paul could drop out of the race at any second, taking whatever relevance that this re-imagined version of the Pokemon theme song has to the world along with him. I’m also fascinated with the idea of equating Ron Paul’s effort to “catch all” the delegates to one’s effort to capture an army of imaginary pocket monsters. It’s a brilliant metaphor. Catching a Pokemon gives a poke-fan the feeling that they’re doing something important, but in reality, they’ve accomplished nothing of practical value. Is that the kind of spirit of imagination that keeps Ron Paul’s campaign alive at this point in the race?

On a less analytically aggressive front, it’s just awesome to hear someone sing-scream the words “RON PAUL” with this level gravitas and intensity. I’ll be singing this song in the shower all week because it makes me feel like a lion. For more of this type of joy, check out Tim Heidecker’s Songs in the Key of Cain and Sugar Kane by Sonic Youth, two loving tributes to that other Presidential candidate with a Pokemon connection.

Random Time! – Original Pokemon theme song singer belts out Ron Paul remix [GoNintendo]

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