Nyko’s Perfect Shot Wii gun is ideal for pistol whipping

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If you haven’t cared for the style of any of the previous guns available for the Wii, the Perfect Shot from Nyko may appeal to your baser instincts. Presenting a more compact body than the Zapper, the gun allows you to comfortably use one hand and forfeits all of that nunchuk nonsense.

Hysteria aside, Perfect Shot can be pre-ordered through Amazon for a mere $12.99. Cheap weapons! Now that’s something to get worked up about. Before you get bouncy about giving it as a gift this Holiday, I have to pee in your soup — it won’t be available for purchase until December 24th, so if you can give a gift late that’s the only way you can slap a red bow on it.

I’m interested to see if this gun will earn any negative reaction in the press. Sure, it’s brightly painted, but it still resembles a real gun more than any of the previously available models. It’s funny to think of some wailing protester stamping on a pile of plastic pistols, but before you laugh, it may actually be happening in some boondocks town. Damn hippies.

[Via Engadget, thanks Debbey!] 

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