Nyko is selling an ugly, but functional wireless take on the NES Classic Controller

No short cord to deal with

Despite its limitations and niche appeal I’m enjoying my time with the NES Classic (I beat several games, and my wife and I died on the last boss of Super C the other day!). Yet, those short cords are a pain! As much as the feel of being right up on your TV is nostalgic, it’s generally a bad design flaw, and I’m already looking up ways to extend the cord.

Nyko has a solution — a wireless controller called the Miniboss. It’s…really unappealing from a design standpoint, but if it works as advertised, it’ll get the job done. And since it’s basically just a repurposed Wii Classic Controller, it should work without a hitch on Nintendo’s other hardware. While there are other options out there, they’re also selling an extension cable for your existing classic remotes for $10.

Options — they’re good!

NES Classic Edition [Nyko]

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