Nyko introduces the Kama, the newest in wireless vibrators

I kid, I kid. The Kama is actually a wireless nunchuk for the Wii from Nyko, and not an elegantly designed erotic love toy as the misleading title suggests. It could pass for one, though — the inclusion of that pink one especially makes me think of wireless vibrators peddled at your local Hustler store. Spicy!

What’s more interesting about the Kama is that it’s kind of being marketed the same way designer vinyl toys are, with multiple colorways available in limited quantities. The gray will come out first, on April 21st with 300 units for sale, followed by the black on April 23 in the same quantity, then pink on April 25th with 250 for sale and gold (the black one with the duck over the logo) last on April 28th, with only 150 for sale.

These nunchuks will only be sold through the Nyko online store, so don’t bother looking for them at your local Gamestop. They will be $34.99 ech and can provide up to 30 hours of gameplay. Check out the Kama site if you want to see more of them and find out where to be to get an order in for one. Smart move, Nyko…now let’s see if the designer toy effect applies to gaming accessories as well.

Colette Bennett