NY Comic Con: Activision bringing playable Prototype, watchable Marvel games

Activision has announced its plans for this week’s New York Comic Con, and they’re as expected, if not a bit disappointing.

The good news is that Prototype will finally be playable for anyone who can claw their way through crowds of sweaty comic book fans. X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (did they drop the Fusion?) will also be on hand … but not playable. And that’s the bad news — there will be a new trailer for Ultimate Alliance 2, and you’ll get the watch someone play Wolverine in a private theater. No play time for you (or us).

Some other things to look forward to (or skip, depending on how you’re feeling): a green screen fans can pose in front of to be digitally tossed into scenes from X-Men Origins: Wolverine or Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2; live debates where nerds can yell at each other about the fictional Hero Registration Act; and Prototype and Marvel videogame panels. 

Sounds fun? More details can be found after the jump. But if you can’t make it out to the Jacob Javitz Center for Comic Con this weekend, don’t worry — we’ll be seeing most (if not all) of this stuff Thursday night, before the show even begins. Check back for coverage, because that’s what we do.

[Photo: GGL]


  • Fans of the shape-shifting phenomenon will also be able to attend a panel presentation of PROTOTYPE hosted by developer Radical Entertainment, which will include a live game demonstration, new gameplay footage, and more.

    Friday, February 6th
    7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Panel Room 2 (1A07)

  • Members of Raven Software and Vicarious Visions game studios and writers of both X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 will further engage comic fans in a panel presentation, moderated by Ricardo Torres of GameSpot.  The panel, which is hosted by Activision and Marvel, is designed to take the fans deep into the development and explore the evolution of Marvel Comic Book Characters in video games.

    Sunday, February 8th
    11:15 AM – 12: 15 PM
    Panel Room 7 (1A24)

Nick Chester