Nvidia Shield recalled over fire hazard

That thing’ll kill ya!

Have you had more money than sense over the last year (July 2014-July 2015) and bought an Nvidia Shield gaming tablet? Well, it could literally kill you.

Nvidia is urging users to check which battery their Shield uses to see if it is affected by the recall (Settings > About tablet > status), wherein the battery could “overheat and pose a fire hazard” (there have been a few reported instances). B01 is fine, Y01 will literally catch fire, burn a hole through your coffee table and floor, and kill the old lady living below you. 

Nvidia asks, “all users to stop using the tablet immediately,” and go here or use the recall hotline if affected (1-888-943-4196).

I know someone whose iPod caught fire and ruined their dinner table once. Meanwhile, I was just telling you guys about the passenger airbag in my 10 year old car getting recalled because it may shoot out shrapnel and kill passengers on deployment. Ten years later!

Steven Hansen