Nvidia gives Batman: Arkham Knight the Gameworks treatment

Look at all the settings you won’t use!

Like the previous games in the Batman: Arkham series, Arkham Knight‘s PC release will feature extra bells and whistles courtesy of Nvidia. If you don’t have an Nvidia card, you’ll always have this trailer to imagine what could have been. I mean, it might work on your AMD card but…let us not fool ourselves here. Money talks, and Nvidia wants that Batman money.

So how does it all look? INTERACTIVE PAPER DEBRIS lets paper (and especially dolla dolla bills) dreamily float around you mid-battle. INTERACTIVE SMOKE AND FOG looks nice, especially when Batman throws a batarang and the smoke dramatically disperses around it. The ENHANCED RAIN gently cascading down the Caped Crusader’s cape looks like a fun effect I’ll quickly turn off for a better frame rate. That probably goes for all of these extra features, but for all of you out there with monster rigs, you’ll have something to brag about.

Zack Furniss