Nurse, Wii-scalpel, STAT! Trauma Center: New Blood trailer

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Couch surgeons, scrub in and switch on your forehead lights, as the trailer for the upcoming Wii title Trauma Center: New Blood hits the ‘net.

Another bloody blend of anime art and medical techno-babble comes to us from Atlus, who seems to be bringing all the hotness lately.

This title is a natural for those who loved Trauma Center: Second Opinion, but know that New Blood brings a lot more to the operating table. Aaron recently told us about some new features, the biggest of which is two-player cooperative play. Combine that with new characters, challenges, online leaderboards, and more, and you’ll have a game that wanna-be doctors can really sink their surgical tools into. 

Look for Trauma Center: New Blood in late November. 

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