Nuna and Fox have another Never Alone adventure in them

Foxtales, Woo-oo!

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Last winter, Upper One Games introduced audiences to a piece of Iñupiat folklore through Never Alone. It told the tale of Nuna and her pet fox as they attempted to find the source of a relentless blizzard and stop it. Flawed as the game undeniably was at times, it served as an incredible means of teaching in an engaging way.

While the publisher has intentions of creating more titles in this vein, Nuna and Fox’s story isn’t done quite yet. An add-on has been announced for Never Alone, set in the arctic springtime in northwest Alaska. The DLC has been named Foxtales.

The news was accompanied by a reveal trailer, which offers a better glimpse at what the DLC looks like. Foxtales will entertain and educate on July 28 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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