Nun with chainsaw confirmed: Is this first new TimeSplitters artwork?

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Poking around Free Radical’s official Web site, some art might catch your eye: an underground tunnel; a monkey wearing a bellhop’s hat; a nun with a chainsaw. Is this the first glimpse we’re getting at TimeSplitters 4 art work?

Already confirmed in development, a monkey and a nun with a chainsaw sure does seem like fodder for a new TimeSplitters title. We’re talking about a series that has included robots, zombies, monkeys, and more as playable characters. And yes, a nun with a chainsaw totally excites me. 

There’s no confirmation that this is actually TimeSplitters 4 concept art, but come on … nun with a chainsaw, guys. While it’s true enough that Free Radical’s Haze may have disappointed some, did I mention that TimeSplitters 4 may feature a nun … with a chainsaw?

[Via NeoGAF]

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