NPR’s Morning Edition had an Easter egg for us today

What do you think when you hear hedgehog

Growing up, NPR had an image of being mostly for stuffy old white people. Imagine my chagrin when I found myself listening to it regularly. I had become stuffy and old! Except, every now and then I catch hints of somebody behind the scenes leaving a trail of things I relate to. I’ve previously heard tracks from the Dustforce soundtrack, for instance.

This morning there was a story about a hedgehog highway in the UK. It’s three minutes of a semi-fascinating topic about the little creatures, but of course you and I don’t immediately think of actual animals when we hear “hedgehog.” Apparently some producer agrees, judging by the backing song in the end. I laughed out loud in my car when I heard it. Somebody out there gets me.

You can listen to the story below. Skip to 3:05 if you just want to hear the familiar tune.

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