NPR makes the amazing Kevin Butler sandwich

There’s some backstory to what NPR’s Wait Wait blog calls the Kevin Butler sandwich. In an interview with Game Informer, the face of Sony’s PS3 ads says that his favorite sandwich is made from two Monte Cristo sandwiches (ham, turkey and swiss dipped in french toast batter and fried) used as buns, holding together a double bacon cheeseburger. With a Diet Coke, of course.

NPR’s blog makes sandwiches every Monday, and the Kevin Butler was this week’s theme. After trying their creation, one of the staffers said that biting into this colossal sandwich is like eating the song “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.” Their final verdict is that the sandwich is extremely delicious, but a bit difficult to eat. 

Difficult? Who cares. I’m sold. I’m fully committed to making this sandwich for myself, even though I’m certain it would sink my Battleship.

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