Now you can struggle to hear Tenet’s dialogue on Game Boy Advance, just like Nolan intended

I tried to remember a good Tenet quote to put here and couldn’t come up with one

Movies on PSP UMDs. Motion pictures on the Game Boy Camera. 3D movies on the 3DS.

Plucky young filmmakers have been messing with the medium for ages now under the lens of video games, but this YouTuber has taken it to a new level. Putting Christopher Nolan’s film Tenet on a Game Boy Advance.

Wulff Den decided to riff on the idea that Nolan “really wanted people to see Tenet in theaters” during a global pandemic last year. Amazingly, it also dunks on the notion that some of Tenet‘s dialogue was hard to hear in theaters: an ongoing debate that has come up in several Nolan features.

The full film actually spans five Game Boy Advance carts, and uses “a legally obtained copy of Tenet,” and a bunch of GBA carts to “cannibalize.” As expected, the framerate tanks, it’s hard to hear, and clocking in at two hours and 30 minutes, it needs to span all those carts to account for the 30 minute maximum per cart. They are .avi files and need to be scrunched down far below 480p.

The amazing thing about all this is how it reminds me of David Lynch’s (NSFW) “playing the movie on a telephone” rant. Lynch is able to just say what Nolan takes multiple paragraphs to spit out in an instant.

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