Now you can pay Blizzard to change your BattleTag

But the first one’s free

BattleTags are Blizzard’s way for players to identify themselves across all of the developer’s games. It’s not a new concept, as Xbox Live’s Gamertags and PlayStation’s PSN ID have been around for more than a decade. But, it’s something that people become uniquely tied to.

Anyone unhappy with their BattleTag now has the opportunity to pay Blizzard to change it. For $10, you can take a mulligan on your BattleTag and come up with something better. It’s worth noting that the first BattleTag change is free; it’s subsequent ones that cost money.

Paying for a name change isn’t a new concept either. Xbox Live has had the same $10 offer for years now. It’s the kind of nominal fee that’s meant to deter abusers, and, in theory, only the people who really want it will pony up. It seems to work fine, the only downside being that you have to line the platform-holder’s pockets for the privilege.

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