Now this is next-gen: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed videos

Several months ago, we showed you a very impressive concept video of what next-gen Star Wars games could look like. Today, two new videos have been released showing off how Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has shaped up. Saying these videos are impressive is an understatement. 

The first video shows Storm Troopers as they are being thrown around trying to grab a wooden beam. All the while the narrator explains to us how the Euphoria Engine will work with the A.I. and the A.I.s surrounding environment.

Take the jump to see R2-D2s as they get chucked into wooden boards!


The second video shows off the Digital Molecular Matter technology. DMM is used to simulate matter in the game as if it was a real world item. As seen in the video, they destroy a wooden board that has the every day tech you see in other games. When they move on to the other board, it’s as if an actual wooden board is getting hit.

The game is expected to come out this November for the 360, PS3, PS2 and the DS.  

[Thanks xrayne446] 

Hamza Aziz