Now it’s Xbox One’s turn to have a really good Amazon bundle

But it won’t last long

It’s fully expected that Microsoft’s going to announce an Xbox One with a souped-up hard drive at E3. As such, it seems like Amazon wants to clear out some stock of those older versions, maybe making for the best time to buy a new Xbox One.

For $349.99, Amazon’s offering the 500GB hard drive Xbox One with Turtle Beach headphones, a year of Xbox Live Gold, Assassin’s Creed Unity, and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Those are a lot of pack-ins for the standard $350. Some might find the headset to be the star of this bundle, but don’t sleep on the Gold subscription. It comes with a monthly free Game with Gold that can nicely bolster your library, especially on a new system.

This deal’s super limited right now. It’s only going on until 1:10 pm Pacific. So, three more hours or so. After that, you have to settle for an Xbox One without all the bells and whistles.

Brett Makedonski
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