Now is the perfect time for a book about Majora’s Mask

Also Resident Evil, Silent Hill 2, Red Dead Redemption, and Final Fantasy VI

Every day feels the same, but if you focus on the little things that you have some power over, you might be able to make things better. It’s just going to take some time, which is bad news, because time is running out. Doom is in the air, in the sky and all around us. Maybe we can prevent it and maybe we can’t. All we can do is look at what our options are in the present moment and pick the best one. Everything else is out of our control.

Maybe that’s why people are acting so weird. Politicians are fighting with the service workers about if the threat is real and what to do about it. Traveling the world reveals that everybody is going through something similar, but without contact with those outside of their individual communities, they have no idea how not alone they are. Do you want to visit one of those places, or otherwise leave the confines of your immediate surroundings? If so, you better bring a mask, more than one if you have one. 

That’s the premise of Majora’s Mask, one of the new releases that make up season five of Boss Fight Books, now on Kickstarter. The bulk of the book itself was written a while back, so you won’t find a ton of direct COVID-19 commentary there, but the parallels between the game and the virus crisis are there regardless. Other titles in the season, like Silent Hill 2 from Mike Drucker, are bound to be more self-loathing, and I’m pretty excited. Drucker’s essay on why he subjects himself to games like Fallout 76 is a new American classic, and I bet his relationship with one of the most internally conflicted games of all time will be just as relatable. Rounding out the series are books on Resident Evil, Red Dead Redemption, and Final Fantasy VI.

They are also taking votes for what books should be in season six. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night seems to be in the lead so far, but personally, I’m hoping Deadly Premonition makes the cut in the end. I know at least one person who’d love to take a crack at it. 

Boss Fight Books: Season 5 – Into the Darkness [Kickstarter]

Jonathan Holmes
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