Now is the best time to play Marvel Heroes

Two-year anniversary begins today

It’s the two-year anniversary of the free-to-play ARPG Marvel Heroes today, and that calls for a celebration! The game is releasing its 48th playable hero today, Dr. Doom. Doom is essentially painted as the main villain throughout the campaign of the game, so releasing him as a playable character is a pretty big deal. He has a variety of specializations, including the ability to summon Doombots to aid him in battle. 

The Thing is also getting completely reworked. He was one of the original playable characters, and it shows through his gameplay. He’s a straight up “big guy” fighter with nothing very interesting in the way of mechanics. Evidently the developers agree, since they’re reworking how he plays. They’re even including the ability to summon the Yancy Street Gang wearing Thing masks!

Most importantly, all players can play any character up to level 10, for free. Well, except for Dr. Doom, he’s off limits. At the moment, this seems to be a limited time idea to celebrate the anniversary. They even pose the question to themselves of “How long can we keep this up? and answer themselves with “How long would you like us to? …”

Forever. I’d like you to keep this up forever.

When the game first launched, I was not a big fan of it. The rate of getting new characters to play was quite slow, and I wasn’t keen on seeing 20 other Wolverines in my immediate vicinity whenever I played. Then, last year, Marvel Heroes 2015 launched and changed everything.

Not only have they added enough characters so as not to feel like you’re surrounded by clones, but the rate of earning Eternity Splinters, the game’s currency for new characters, is much better. The rate of earning new characters isn’t quite where it should be, but it is at least leagues ahead of where the game used to be. Plus, there are daily login rewards to help encourage players to at least log on. And once you’re in, you might as well play a bit, riiiiight?

If you’re like me and gave up on the game early, I’d recommend checking it out again. It’s a game I plan to always have installed on my PC, and have no issues paying for a few characters now and again because of how different they play and how solid the mechanics are.

Patrick Hancock
During the day, he teaches high school kids about history. At night he kicks their butts in competitive games like Rocket League, Dota 2, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike. Disclosure: I've personally backed Double Fine Adventure, Wasteland 2, Dead State, SPORTSFRIENDS, Torment: Tides of Numera, STRAFE, and The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls. I have previously written for and continue to support them whenever possible (like HumbleBundle).