Now I’m a believer: RV is the future of gaming

Not a trace of doubt in my mind

I have to admit that I was skeptical. When something’s so absurdly out of left field, you kinda have to be. For 40 years now, video games have been about sitting on your couch and staring at a TV screen. I didn’t want to believe that would ever change.

So, some four years ago when that gas station attendant they call Lucky Palmer told me that RV was the future of gaming, I readily dismissed him. I said “Mister, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in this life, it’s to never take advice from a man whose name sounds like a cheap brand of cigarettes.” Four years later, well, now I guess I can say I haven’t really learned anything.

I slept on it that night. And the next night. And a lot more nights. Sometime, maybe a year ago, I started to think there could be something to this RV nonsense. I mean, it looks so goddamn cool

It’s hard to imagine because I’d never been in an RV before. Other people said it was a life-affirming experience. “Take my word for it,” they’d say. “This is a game changer.” I was stuck on the practical application. I’m supposed to spend all this money on an RV because you say it’s so great? I don’t even have a big enough driveway for this thing!

Earlier this year, I bit the bullet. The hype got to me. Lucky’s words stuck with me. I bought a camper and it cost me a lot of money. Then, I had to buy a new truck because I found out that my old one couldn’t pull my camper. In for a penny, in for a pound, I guess. 

With my bank account severely depleted, me and my best friend took off on a cross-country road trip. He’d drive down the interstate while I sat in the back and played video games. Now that I’ve tried it first-hand, friend, let me tell you: I’m no longer a skeptic; I’m a believer.

There’s just a special magical feeling about RV gaming. Wind rushing through the cheap aluminum screen and across your face as you rip around Rainbow Road. The smell of the Kansas asphalt as you blow up Megaton. It really is better. Just…just take my word for it.

That’s what do, 16 hours a day. Time disappeared when we were in that RV. Before I knew it, we’d be stopped for the night, parked in a Walmart lot. People we worried about my health, telling me this might not be good for me. I was just worried about fending off the small town crackheads.

Now that I’ve had a taste of the good life, I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to go back. Why would you willingly settle for a lesser form of gaming? Settling ain’t my style. So, you can find me on the open road in my RV, doing what I love. And if any of you happen to come across that Lucky fellow, well, tell him I said he’s one smart cookie.

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