Now Hamamura denies ‘redesigned DS at E3’ report

Alright, what’s going on here? First we told you of a rumor, apparently started by Enterbrain/Famitsu’s Hirokazu Hamamura, that a new Nintendo DS redesign may show up at this year’s E3. Then, a few days later, Nintendo PR denied the rumor. Now Hamamura claims that he never said anything of the sort!

It all started last week when Bloomberg Japan reported on a seminar hosted by Hamamura. They reported that it was possible that Nintendo would announce a new version of the DS hardware at E3 2008. After Nintendo shot that rumor down, Enterbrain has followed up with a statement.

According to IGN, the statement says that Hamamura did mention that we should pay attention to the DS in the future, and that he was looking forward to E3. But they claim that he didn’t mention a new model. In fact, Hamamura thinks its unlikely that Nintendo would release a new model.

Wouldn’t it be funny to actually see some kind of redesign at E3 after all of this? 

Dale North