Notch briefly talks Hardcore mode for Minecraft

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Tom Francis of PC Gamer fame has been playing Minecraft in a peculiar way: every death results in the deletion of a world and the creation of a new one. Upping the stakes of the game’s survival mode is something I’ve been longing for, and this player-induced ruleset shows I’m not alone.

It seems this has also been on creator Notch’s mind, as evidenced by a quick blurb on his blog. “I’m definitely going to add hardcore mode to the game where dying will destroy the world,” he writes. “I’m not sure how it would work in multiplayer, though. Perhaps you could get ‘banned’ from the server until the world resets if you die on a server running hardcore mode.”

I like where this is going. Hey, Fallout: New Vegas — you could learn a thing or two from this sentiment.

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