Not Tonight 2 will take a trek across an ‘alternative’ America

Find your way through a world consumed by greed

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PanicBam and No More Robots have announced Not Tonight 2, a follow-up to 2018’s post-Brexit management game Not Tonight. And for the sequel, they’re headed to the States.

Not Tonight 2 is described as an “American document-checking trip,” where time pressures and dark comedy collide. It’s set in an “alternative” America, where capitalism and political greed have taken over; after your friend gets snatched during a protest, you have to locate and deliver his documents while venturing across America.

PanicBam says there are three branching stories, written by a team of POC authors, that will take you across America and through a variety of tasks. Play rhythm games and word association, flip some burgers, check chickens, or work the Texan wall. You’ll have to plan out the route of your road trip, and make tough decisions along the way.

Games have always had interesting potential to explore these kinds of spaces. I never got around to the first Not Tonight, though it did remind me of the extremely good indie hit Papers, Please in the way it turns document checking into moments of tense of gameplay. But I certainly heard about it, and the way it satirically tackles Brexit.

With Not Tonight 2 hitting (literally) closer to home, it might hit that much harder for me. If you can’t wait, there are beta sign-ups and a meta-game kicking up over on the Discord, which you can find linked on Not Tonight 2‘s Steam news feed. Otherwise, Not Tonight 2 is planned to launch later this year for PC. You can find the Steam page over here.

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