NOT Shenmue: Yu Suzuki making a Kinect fighter

If Yu Suzuki is making anything, it had better be a Shenmue game. He knows we want it! But no. The latest word is that he’s working on an Xbox 360 fighter. A Kinect fighter. No, really.

Suzuki has signed on as an advisor for Japanese devs Premium Agency (previously known for Naruto games) for the title, which would be the first fighter for Kinect to be controlled by movements. 

“I’ve been [interested in] the idea of integration of technology and entertainment faithfully as a game producer,” said Suzuki to Develop.

I’ll say this now: The only Kinect fighter I’d get down with is a Shenmue one. Wouldn’t that be hilarious? You could punch Tom in a first-person view. A bonus round could have you kicking stuff off the shelves at Tomato Convenience Store.


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