Not one, but two Tingle games are on the way

For the past few weeks, a brand new Tingle game has been teased via Famitsu and a creepy teaser site. Well, that’s what we thought. Turns out that Link’s creepy, red-nosed counterpart is full of surprises, hiding not one, but two brand new games within his tight green spandex.

A sequel to Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland has been announced, with Tingle now looking for love instead of money. It’ll be called Color Changing Tingle’s Love Balloon Trip. With game names like this, how could anybody not love the creepy little midget?

The second game is a DSiWare title known as Too Much Tingle Pack. It’s a set of “mini tools” that include a fortune teller game, a calculator (because DSiWare needs another one of those), a Tingle dancer and a Tingle coin toss. I might finally spend the DSiWare points that have been sitting on my handheld since I bought it, just because it’s Tingle. It’s apparently already out on the Japanese DSiWare.

So there you go. The little pederast has a double-bill of bizarre and disturbing nonsense for you. Fun times for all.

Jim Sterling