Not for kids: Rockstar announces contest for Manhunt 2 bloodstained Wii

With Manhunt 2 able to chop itself down to an M-rating, the controversial title is now heading to the PS2, PSP and Nintendo Wii on Halloween. To celebrate this compromised victory, Rockstar has teamed up with the Radio Rebellion 2007 tour to hold a Manhunt 2 sweepstakes, the winner receiving a 50″ plasma TV as well as this rather gruesome custom Wii.

While contests are nothing new, I have to say that the image of the usually family-friendly Wii daubed in blood is quite a sight. With Nintendo desperate to be the most popular kid in school, I’m actually surprise to see something like this.

While I’m here, who among us is actually going to be picking Manhunt 2 up at the end of the month? Controversy aside, I was never a fan of the first one and had no real interest in its release until it got banned. Does anybody actually love the Manhunt games or is it a pure shock fest? 

[Thanks Justin]

James Stephanie Sterling