Not a joke: Telltale also working on Back to the Future

I don’t know what’s more absurd, yesterday’s news that Telltale is creating episodic Jurassic Park games, or this latest announcement in which the company reveals its other new project: Back to the Future.

How do you even go about starting this conversation? “Guys, guys! Let’s turn Back to the Future episodic!” I guess that’d work. This series of games will be appearing on all of the usual suspects — Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 3, PC, and Mac — sometime this winter.

Telltale CEO Dan Connors gives us some much-needed context: “The games are going to exist within these worlds. I wouldn’t call these games sequels per se but a new interpretation of their worlds for a new medium.”

“For one generation,” he assures us, “it’s an introduction to these series. For another generation, it’s a thing they can look back on and something they can share warmly with their family and friends.”

Here’s the question I can’t not ask: Back to the Future or Jurassic Park — which do you want more?

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Jordan Devore
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