Not a big surprise: Assassin’s Creed coming to the DS

Time and time again, retailer release lists have proven to be a valuable source of leaked information about games, release dates, and how many versions of Catz are coming out for the Nintendo DS. So it still surprises us that people are, well, surprise when a previously unannounced title appears on a release list and then becomes a reality.

Such is the case with a Nintendo DS version of Assassin’s Creed, which has been on retailer release lists since not long after E3 2006 (yes, 2006). Everyone was skeptical, and the listing was taken with a grain of salt. But now that Nintendo has added it to their massive list of future Nintendo DS releases, it’s been confirmed. Surprise.

This is one of the titles we lamented didn’t appear at Ubisoft’s Ubidays event this past May, so this isn’t really a huge reveal to us here at Destructoid. But for the rest of you: Assassin’s Creed DS confirmed. Make room for your dagger-stylus pre-order.

[Source: Nintendo press release]

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