Nope, Shadow of the Tomb Raider probably won’t hit Switch anytime soon

Given how much Square Enix likes re-releases it eventually might

We’re starting to crawl out of the era where everything just hits “PC, PS4, and Xbox One.” Thanks to studios like Panic Button the process of porting big-name games to Switch has been expedited, and some publishers are just doing the work themselves. But Eidos Montreal isn’t going to be doing that for Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Speaking to GameSpot, Eidos Montreal lead Heath Smith stated that there were “no plans” for a Switch port. According to Smith “all of the focus” is on PC, PS4, and Xbox One (a phrase I’ve typed hundreds of times in the past five years), and the Switch “wasn’t a right fit.”

Here’s the thing though: Square Enix is all about those “anniversary” and “ultimate” editions down the line. If Shadow actually does well (and given that it doesn’t have that wonky console exclusivity clause this time and closes out a trilogy, it should), we could see an eventual Switch version. But that’s still a big “if” and not happening anytime soon.

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