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A few weeks ago an Animal Crossing: New Horizons player decided to open up a real-life money shop in-game, but this is taking things to the next level.

Created by Daniel Luu, the website Nookazon is now open for business. As one might imagine, Nookazon is a take on Amazon, but for fan-made Animal Crossing content. Everything from fossils, to fruits, to songs are available to peruse on the site, with concessions for “selling” and “looking for” notations.

Here’s how it works. Players can search for items they want or peruse each individual subsection for a specific item. Once found, all available sellers have contact information like their Switch friend code or their Discord handle listed so you can get in touch with them and handle the exchange. Folks can list their asking price or put objects up under the “make an offer” status. Think of it like an “LFG” (looking for group) fan site that’s frequently used for games like Destiny.

The best part of the site for me isn’t necessarily even its functionality, but the information it offers. I love leafing through it just to see the sheer breadth of items that New Horizons offers.

Latest Listings [Nookazon]

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