Non-Americans have to survive without a Fallout 3 Survival Edition

If you live in Europe and loved the look of that amazing Fallout 3 Survival Edition, you better keep your hopes way down — we ain’t getting it.

And nor are you, Canada.

You won’t even be able to have it shipped over to you by Amazon, either. Our very own non-American Destructoid community members have looked into the option, only to have it confirmed that the Survival Edition won’t be shipped outside of the US. If you want this limited edition (and it’s one of the first limited editions to truly be worth getting) then two options are open to you:

A) Get a US friend to purchase and ship it to you.

B) Cry while self-harming.

Hopefully this situation changes in some way, shape or form because there are a lot of Fallout fans in the world, not to mention series newcomers who just want a really, really awesome lunch box. Still, it isn’t as if we’re not used to this by now.

James Stephanie Sterling