Nominees for Destructoid’s Best PlayStation Game of 2020

Sliding from one generation straight into the next

Looking back on 2020, I’m having a hard time fathoming that Dreams and Spider-Man: Miles Morales – to say nothing of the PS5 in general – all came out in the same year. It’s been a long one. Too long.

Even if there is a new console on the market (if you can beat the scalper bots), the PlayStation 4 had a fantastic “final” year, though I hesitate to even call it that; it’s not going anywhere. As someone who luckily did manage to get a hold of a PlayStation 5 at launch, I have to say, I’m truly splitting my time – I’m just as likely to boot up a PS4 title on this beefy boy than an honest-to-goodness PS5 game.

In some cases, like Ghost of Tsushima hitting 60fps, these games run substantially better on the new hardware. I hope that continues. I get the distinct feeling that even as true only-on-PS5 exclusives ramp up throughout 2021, I’ll still be revisiting the PS4 hall of fame. That, to me, is a sign of staying power.

The PlayStation 4 was (and still is!) a hell of a machine, and this year’s lineup brought it.

From the creative whimsy of Dreams, to the effortless flow of Miles Morales, to the harrowing terror of Last of Us Part II, and everything in between, PlayStation fans weren’t short on memorable experiences.

These are the nominees for Destructoid’s Best PlayStation Game of 2020:

[Note: This year, we’re once again running a separate Best Remaster/Remake award for our GOTY. Take that as you will!]

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