Nominees for Destructoid’s Best PC Game of 2020

Not to be overshadowed by out-of-stock struggles

2020 was a weird – and for many people, at times frustrating – year for PC gaming.

That sentiment goes for plenty of people who tried to secure a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S at launch, and it definitely also goes for PC gamers. You might’ve been ready to upgrade your GPU while the going is good, but for many would-be customers, it was just one annoying close call after another. Whether you were hunting down a 3070, a 6800, or seemingly any piece of sought-after tech in this cooped-up “at least we still have gaming!” nightmare of a year, you weren’t alone – the bots were out in full force.

That’s not to say there weren’t great PC games to check out in 2020 (in between our old favorites that are still going strong with regular updates), but the out-of-stock woes did overshadow things a bit.

I can’t complain, though. For all of the frustration surrounding future-proofing purchases, this year also brought pleasant surprises like Gears Tactics, mind-bending out-of-the-box strategizing in Spelunky 2, a veritable VR masterclass in Half-Life: Alyx, and the long-awaited end of the road in Kentucky Route Zero.

These are the nominees for Destructoid’s Best PC Game of 2020:

Jordan Devore
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