Nominees for Destructoid’s Best Mobile Game of 2020

These games didn’t phone it in

It honestly didn’t make a lot of sense to engage in mobile gaming this year. After all, the appeal of gaming on your iPhone or Android device ties into the fact you can play wherever you are. At the office, on the train, in the waiting room, anywhere you didn’t have direct access to a console or PC.

But for most of 2020, people stayed in one place. The lockdowns and self-quarantines kept a lot of people away from work, off mass transit, and out of all the public places we normally enjoy. There was really no reason to settle for mobile games when you were never far from your preferred gaming device. Of course, not everyone considers playing mobile games as “settling,” and this year, many titles proved to be worth your time and money.

This was the year that Apple Arcade blossomed into a worthwhile service with a phenomenal batch of apps that proved themselves worthy of the $5 subscription price. It was also the year the bar was raised for free-to-play gacha games. We may not have covered as many mobile titles this year as we have in the past, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t playing them.

These are the nominees for Destructoid’s Best Mobile Game of 2020:

CJ Andriessen
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