Nokori: Use your drill to pierce through the Heavens!

I just got done watching Gurren Lagann. Nothing else matters right now.

But, since I can’t just make that a post and be done with things, here’s what’s going on in Japan:

There’s some new DLC coming out for Phantasy Star Portable on the 11th, which will be a single player extermination mission, where you’ll get to hunt down terrorists. If that’s not your type of spiral, then how about this set of upcoming events meant to celebrate the marriage in Fist of the North Star via the anime’s MMORPG? They’ll be recreating a ton of scenes from the manga. So it’ll be like those real marriages in World of Warcraft, just slightly less depressing when you think about it.

This isn’t so much a story, but I have yet to find a Japanese site that can give any sort of explanation as to why Nintendo has come out with their own Wi-Fi network adapter. It’s all be the exact same thing reguritated over and over.

An old 80’s and 90’s Japanese police adventure PC series, Detective J.B. Harold, is going to have the second and third title in the series remade for the DS. The first title had been remade back in February, and so due to the success of that, the next two games, Manhattan Requiem and A Kiss of Murder, will live again on the DS. Now all we need is to get those old Lucasarts point and click titles back on the DS. Legitimately.

And sadly, that’s about it. There are little bits like this artwork from the Makyou Kidan teaser site, and a seiyuu talking about working on the Rune Factory Wii game, but nothing of weight. So I suggest you gather everyone around the TV, turn off the computer, and pop in some Gurren Lagann. It’ll change your life for the better.