Nokori: Nintendo’s lineup continues to make me cry

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Hopping back into the swing of things with Japanese news, the major CEDEC event is over, and those stories are impossibly long to translate. I haven’t yet worked up to translating thousand-word documents yet. So for now, here are some easier stories:

First up we’ve got a little bit on the upcoming Disgaea spinoff Prinny: It’s Alright if I’m the Hero, Dood?. Famitsu has given us a couple of screens that aren’t anything new from the trailer you’ve already watched, but we do get a bit of story. Namely, that you’re trying to fetch cake for Etna. Feel free to start the Portal jokes.

Our Survival Game Portable is a paintball title for the PSP coming out, which has you fighting through different areas in paintball matches (including against Nazis!). The graphics look horrible, but hey, Japan has to have its poor budget titles too. They can’t always get RPGs, no matter how much they want them.

If that’s got you in a bit of a downer, at least take solace in the fact that Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is going to be coming to the Wii. It’s not a surprise, really, seeing as how Capcom tends to port everything everywhere over time. Of course, they’re going to charge 7,340 yen for the game, but they know people will pay.

If you’re still looking for Japanese titles besides Captain Rainbow to entice you into importing a Wii, look no further than Hula Wii. What do you do? Why, try and match the dancer’s rhythm while you hold onto the Wiimote. The article I’m sourcing is actually for a promotional campaign for the game where they’ll be having demos for it over by the Tokyo Dome. The game comes out on Halloween in Japan. Hey, at least you can use the Wii Fit board with this!

Alright, that’s enough. I’m staring at my Wii with utter disdain right now because of that last story. Goodnight.


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